Customer Service

Customer service staff encounter different types of customers. There are those nice customers that bring you a cup of coffee, there is that smart customer that understands things quickly, there is that confused customer who takes a lot of your time explaining something before they can understand, and there is the dreaded angry, rude, and the arrogant customer who thinks he knows better.
So how do you handle the different customers? You need the skills and know-how of how to handle different personalities and turn negatives into positives.
At CSTD you can learn the best customer service skills through our customer service …

Office Management

Office management is one of the overwhelming tasks in the workplace. Administrators are prone to be overwhelmed with tasks that are essential in supporting different departments. In order to ensure effectiveness minus the exhaustion, administrators need to learn how to manage tasks and people easily.

Skills for professional administrators

Learn the essential skills required to maximize your potential as an office manager. Become a more reliable worker and boss with productiveness and competence under your belt. Be properly versed with the basic skills of office management.

Advanced …


Leadership is more than just a management tag at the office door. Leadership involves inspiring the staff to follow the leader’s path and achieve the same goals. Leaders should help employees towards achieving full potential.
We offer several leadership courses covering topics related to all management levels at the workplace.

Essential Supervisory Skills

As much as you need responsible and hardworking staff for business success, your supervising skills also determine their effectiveness. Learn different styles of supervision and acquire skills in confident and effective team management….

Professional Development

Development is one of the key factors that help a business grow. Whether it’s technological or skill development, it is critical that professionalism is maintained. Professional development helps you to sell your ideas easily. Most people will also easily accept ideas and changes presented professionally.
CSTD offers several courses in professional development.

Time and stress management skills

Learn how to manage the limited working hours in a day. Time management helps prevent burnouts and promotes reliability and performance.

Decision making and Problem-solving

Team and People Management

An organization thrives and functions effectively because employees work together to establish a relationship with the organization’s customers. This is why you should invest time and money in developing your employees and create a well-functioning team.
At CSTD we offer several courses for team and people management.

Performance coaching – Develop your people

Help to develop crucial skills that will assist you coach employees and ensure optimum performances by teams.

Recruitment Techniques- Selecting and Hiring the Right People

This course will give…