Development is one of the key factors that help a business grow. Whether it’s technological or skill development, it is critical that professionalism is maintained. Professional development helps you to sell your ideas easily. Most people will also easily accept ideas and changes presented professionally.

CSTD offers several courses in professional development.

  • Time and stress management skills

Learn how to manage the limited working hours in a day. Time management helps prevent burnouts and promotes reliability and performance.

  • Decision making and Problem-solving

Learn how to assess problems and make critical decisions that are reliable in solving those problems. Diving right into a decision without prior assessment can create more problems. Master the skill of fast decision making without risking negative consequences.

  • Influence with impact

Learn how to persuade people effectively and how to influence their decisions with fellow workmates, partners, bosses, or clients without appearing arrogant.

  • Develop assertiveness

Learn when to be aggressive and when to be passive. Master assertiveness and maintain a good working relationship in the workplace. Passiveness can be a sign of weakness or lack of ambition while aggressiveness can be a sign of arrogance and ignorance. However, when you learn how to use both of them properly and professionally, they can be a sign of confidence, strength, ambition, and hard work.

  • Professional and effective presentations

Learn how to present your ideas in a confident and professional way that still ensures the effectiveness of your purpose.

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