An organization thrives and functions effectively because employees work together to establish a relationship with the organization’s customers. This is why you should invest time and money in developing your employees and create a well-functioning team.

At CSTD we offer several courses for team and people management.

  • Performance coaching – Develop your people

Help to develop crucial skills that will assist you coach employees and ensure optimum performances by teams.

  • Recruitment Techniques- Selecting and Hiring the Right People

This course will give you a competitive age and ultimately success with an effective hiring process that avoids problematic employees.

  • Setting goals and KPIs for Effective Performance

Learn how to set KPIs and goals that are both realistic and effective. KPIs and goals point to the direction employees should take.

  • Talent development

Acquire the ability to identify and develop potential employees who can learn and grow effortlessly.

  • Conducting Performance Discussions

Performance awards and appraisals help staff know each other more and get challenged to achieve more. Awards keep the employees motivated. Learn how to recognize performance and criticize underperformance with confidence.

  • Solving employee grievances and handling discipline

Gain confidence and skills on how to handle the touchy workplace problems such as grievances and staff disagreements effectively. Employee discipline depends on leaders such as supervisors.

  • Working with Different Personalities

A workplace will always have many different personalities. Some employees can be guided to change their personalities with time. However, you need to learn how to handle employees who cannot change their personalities.

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