Customer service staff encounter different types of customers. There are those nice customers that bring you a cup of coffee, there is that smart customer that understands things quickly, there is that confused customer who takes a lot of your time explaining something before they can understand, and there is the dreaded angry, rude, and the arrogant customer who thinks he knows better.

So how do you handle the different customers? You need the skills and know-how of how to handle different personalities and turn negatives into positives.

At CSTD you can learn the best customer service skills through our customer service courses.

  • Telephone etiquette

Learn how to handle calls politely and how to deal with difficult callers professionally.

  • Effective customer service communication

Study the art of proper customer interactions, good communication, good first impressions, and how to develop lasting relationships.

  • Mindfulness in customer service

Mindfulness in customer service is critical. Customer service acts as the face of a company at the doors of the office. Therefore, it is important to have an adaptable, creative, and flexible customer service department that is mindful of the customers and the company’s motto. Learn how to develop a productive customer service that ensures customer satisfaction.

  • Providing excellent service from difficult situations

You need to learn how to turn difficult situations in your favor. A customer will judge you from your service no matter the challenges you might be facing. You should strive to provide the best customer service amidst challenges.

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