Even though the workforce is growing so much larger, it seems to be increasingly difficult to attract the top talent in recent years. It isn’t that there is a shortage of professionals who are looking for a job. The real issue is that they know their value and are looking for the right position with a company that is willing to offer them the perks they desire to sweeten the deal. As an HR team leader in charge of recruitment, you might want to consider going to the board with a few ideas on why childcare would be the perfect incentive they should be prepared to offer. Consider the following:

Recent Events Lead to Safety Concerns

Healthcare has always been a big attraction but in recent years it hasn’t been the draw it once was. Childcare seems to be big on the list of perks today’s young professionals are interested in for several reasons. The first is obviously the rising cost of childcare. However, even more important are the concerns over child safety due to so many mass shootings within schools around the world. Although the majority of them are in the United States, Canada is just as vulnerable.

Introduction to Technology

There isn’t a corporation on earth that isn’t steeped in the latest technology. One of the benefits of an on-site daycare would be the ability to begin introducing children to the wonders of the very same kinds of technology that made that company what it is today. It only takes equipping children with a smart device like a Lenovo educational tablet and access to such things as video chat and simple learning activities within the niche of the corporation. It’s amazing just how much kids will soak up if it’s what mom or dad does. Every kid wants to be like their parents when they grow up. By introducing them to the same kinds of things their parents do, kids will be kept amused while learning interesting things throughout the day.

A Quick Chat from Time to Time

Mom or dad can check in on the kids throughout the day to see how they are doing. Although daycare is on-site, parents could also quickly load up a security app to check in on their children. They don’t need to actually disrupt the group. However, with security cameras positioned so that every inch of the room is visible, they can be assured their child is being well cared for.

Sometimes this even prevents those bouts of separation anxiety some kids are riddled with. If they know that mom or dad is right here but maybe a few floors above, it seems to quell their anxiety. In fact, daycare staff can also connect remotely with a parent if the child is having a rough time on any given day. The same security that is in the daycare center is located throughout the building and all it takes is a quick glance at mom’s desk or dad’s production line and you’d be surprised how quickly kids calm down.

Is this something HR can envision for your company to interest top talent? You should give it a try!

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