Human Capital Development and Training

We have customized training programmes that provide trainees with an all-inclusive learning experience. We offer both public and in-company training and development programmes. We also offer customized in-company courses tailored to train in-house or associates as per company requests.

We have a Certified Management Consultant qualification and a member of the Canadian International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.

Information Services

We provide information services that provide participants with updated information about human resource management and development. Information service training helps the human resource departments to make quality decisions daily.

The information service is designed to offer active daily communications to our members. The daily communication is done through a Members’ Forum, Managers’ Tool Kit, and Email Alerts.

Our team is also working on publications such as newsletters, magazines, and books that will widen our information service system.

With a well-working information service system, our members are guaranteed smooth flow of up to date information on a regular basis.

Consulting and products

This service is designed to help business organizations to create an HR department consisting of systems, policies, and procedures that allow effective management of the human capital.

CSTD believes that the success of an organization depends on the people who work within it. It is the workers within an organization that decide how company resources are allocated, managed, and effectively used.

Therefore, it is the duty of the HR department to develop employees that are totally committed, cooperative, and team players. This leads to creativity and high productivity that ultimately help the organization to achieve its mission and a step towards its vision.