When welcoming new team members, it’s crucial for HR departments to ensure that all employees are aligned with the company’s culture and policies, including those related to vaping.

With the rise in vaping’s popularity, it’s become more than just a trend. For many, it’s a lifestyle choice or a preferred alternative to traditional smoking. Amid this cultural shift, discussions about workplace well-being may even extend to accommodating designated areas for vape shops. Given this context, it’s important to address vaping etiquette in the workplace sensitively and informatively.

Without further ado, here’s a guide on how HR departments can effectively brief new hires about their company’s vaping etiquette.

Understand the Culture

Firstly, it’s essential to understand and communicate the company’s culture around vaping.

Whether your company is more traditional or leans towards a modern, relaxed atmosphere, the approach to discussing vaping should reflect this.

Emphasize that the company respects individual choices and promotes a culture of respect and understanding among all employees.

Begin by outlining the company’s policies on vaping clearly and concisely. Specify designated vaping areas, if any, and the expectations around their use.

It’s important to ensure that these policies are in line with local laws and regulations regarding vaping in public spaces or workplaces. Clarifying these rules from the start helps in setting clear boundaries and prevents any future misunderstandings.

Respect and Consideration

Encourage new hires to always be mindful of their colleagues when vaping.

Not everyone may be comfortable with vaping, and it’s important to foster an environment of mutual respect. Highlight the importance of seeking consent before vaping in shared spaces or in the presence of others.

This not only shows consideration but also helps in maintaining a harmonious workplace environment.

Health and Safety

While the discussion around vaping should remain positive, it’s also necessary to touch upon health and safety aspects.

Brief new employees on the proper handling and storage of vaping devices and liquids, ensuring they are aware of the company’s guidelines for maintaining a safe working environment. This includes proper charging practices for electronic vaping devices to prevent any accidents.

a man on his vaping break standing next to a building

Vaping Breaks

Just like traditional smoke breaks, clarify the policy on vaping breaks. Ensure that new hires understand the expectations around the frequency and duration of these breaks. It’s crucial that these breaks do not interfere with productivity or workflow.

Encouraging a balance between taking necessary personal time and maintaining professional responsibilities is key.

If your company organizes social events or gatherings, explain how vaping fits into these contexts. Whether vaping is permitted at these events and under what conditions should be clearly communicated.

This ensures that all employees feel included and respected, regardless of their vaping preferences.

Educate on Etiquettes

Apart from the rules and policies, it’s beneficial to educate new hires on general vaping etiquette. This can include advice on avoiding vaping in close proximity to people, disposing of cartridges responsibly, and choosing appropriate flavors for public spaces to ensure that the scent is not overwhelming or unpleasant for others.

Promote an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable discussing vaping-related topics. Whether they have concerns, suggestions, or questions, fostering open communication helps in addressing any issues promptly and effectively.

It also contributes to a more inclusive and understanding workplace culture.

Provide Resources

For those interested, provide resources or information on vaping, such as its benefits, different devices, and how to choose them. This not only shows support for their choices but also promotes informed decision-making.

Continuous Feedback and Adjustment

Finally, emphasize that the company’s policies and attitudes towards vaping are not set in stone. Encourage new hires to provide feedback on how these policies affect their work experience and suggest any improvements.

This shows that the company values employee input and is willing to adapt to ensure a positive work environment for all.


Briefing new hires about the company’s vaping etiquette is an important step in ensuring a respectful, safe, and inclusive workplace.

By clearly outlining policies, promoting respect and consideration, and encouraging open dialogue, HR departments can successfully integrate vaping etiquette into the company culture.

This not only supports those who vape but also maintains a harmonious and productive environment for all employees.

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