We put your training needs at the forefront and thus we offer membership packages that come with special privileges that help members meet their needs. We have added new benefits to the membership packages to provide a better and improved package that benefits both you and your organization.

We offer types of packages: corporate membership and individual membership.



Corporate membership CAD 370.00
Individual membership   CAD 260.00


Membership prices are priced annually and are inclusive of tax.

Membership Perks

Training support
  • Registration priority for public seminars and courses
  • A course of the month promotions
  • Up to 18% discount for public courses
  • Up to 21% discount for customized in-house training
Merchants from Partners

Enjoy exclusive perks from our partners such as health, beauty and wellness sessions, and family enrichment and entertainment including free or discounted professional photography.

Perks are subject to various terms and conditions.